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A DAO is a group governed by the voting power of the verified members. KALA DAO is an infrastructure to create and manage DAOs on the KALA Network. With KALA DAO, creators, influencers, and leaders can create DAOs for their communities. Members can then vote to decide the direction of their DAO.

With the growth of many directions for DAO, KALA chose to start with investment DAO as its initial development. This suits their go-to-market strategy to start with the supportive investment guilds.

An Investment DAO run by NFTs & NFT holder

Membership (Proof of Membership NFT)

There are 2 types of membership Ordinary and Premium. To be a verified premium member, one has to purchase the NFT which is minted by the KDAO leaders.

Previously minted NFTs can be purchased & used as Proof of Membership (PoM) in the community (aka GUILD/GROUP at KALA Social).

⭐️ Ordinary Member: Anyone can join a DAO on KALA Network and be part of the community.

⭐️ Premium Member: Members who are GDAO NFT holders will be premium members who have higher voting power and have access to exclusive content within their DAO. Each post can be posted and be viewable to the chosen/target NFT audience.

Investment (Proof of Investment NFT)

DAO members can choose to co-invest in a project together and potentially benefit from its success. Investing as a group help eliminate some barriers that may appear when making investments. For example, some projects only accept investment from VCs or groups, others require the investor to put in a minimum investment that may be too much for individuals, and some even require you to be on a whitelist and go through an interview process (which can now be done by your investment manager or dedicated member on behalf of your DAO).

If an investment proposal is passed, DAO can create an NFT to visualize and represent the project. This NFT is the Proof of Investment NFT and DAO members can mint this NFT to participate in the investment.

Example: A project can be proposed with its own NFT and can be minted by members to participate in the investment (eg. 100$, 1BNB as per project allocation limit).

Each purchased NFT will be a Proof of Investment (PoI) users can choose to keep or sell it on the secondary markets like a normal NFT. All the vesting tokens can be claimed by the NFT holders as long as they are the concurrent NFTs holders, right on KALA Social & DAO infrastructure.


⭐️ Guild and Community Leaders can create their own NFT as PoM (Proof of Membership) and get access privileges to exclusive premium content.

⭐️ Guild members can vote to select the direction of their guild: what should be done next, how it runs: such as but not limited to investing in new projects.

⭐️ Investment managers can choose the target audience when posting any message/notification to an Investment DAO by selecting the corresponding audience (selecting the target DAO) without needing to remember, tag, or know who the current owners/investors are.

Hall of Fame & Leaderboard

All the NFTs owned by the DAO members will be summed up as an AUM and will be listed in our Hall of Fame as Most Valuable DAO (MVD).

KALA also has surprise monthly prizes for the TOP leaders.

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