⭐ Retroactive Event (Ended)

Good day #KalaArmy!

If you have read our recent update on KALA IDO and our latest feature announcement you must have known that KALA Social Alpha Test has been a great success with several times more participants than we ever anticipated.

We are grateful to our community and therefore want to give everyone more chances to join and earn rewards as well as experience firsthand the upcoming Social Mining feature on KALA Social.

New feature: Social Mining

The next update coming to KALA Social Alpha Test will reveal our latest feature: Social Mining. On your profile, you’ll now see a list of daily social tasks (login, like, comment, share, .etc). Complete these social tasks will earn you $KUDO, our SocialFi tokens.

This will be one of the most important features of KALA Network once our mainnet launch in the future. We hope that you like it. If not, don’t be afraid to give us your feedback so we can perfect it together!

The update is expected to be live on May 4th.

Retroactive Event

Next is the retroactive event. We have decided to extend the testnet event period to May 15th, 2022 and combine it with the retroactive event we promised early this month in our April roadmap. To make this fair and easier to select the winners we’ve also decided to add and clarify a few things to increase your chance of being selected.


Until May 15th, 2022


Besides doing the steps that have been instructed in the initial announcement we will now also take into account the following:

Daily Activity: Stay active daily. Your daily posts, likes, shares, and similar social activities will increase your chance of winning.

Community Building: Perform these 3 steps

For example, if your group name is KALA NETWORK


Retroactive 500 NFTs (worth $37.500) for 500 winners.

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