💼 The Market

Business Model

Go to market

Alpha Test

20k+ Users

  • Calling for Alpha Test Users.

  • Onboard Ambassadors, KOLs.

  • Get feedback from retroactive campaigns.

Atomic Network

50k+ Users

  • Select 3 - 5 most active investment clubs to start building with niche networks.

  • Solving cold start problem.

Large Scale Network

500k+ Users

  • Network Effect happens: the momentum shift and the entire market start coming on board.

  • Increase engagement, acquire more users.

  • Form economic models.

Current Achievements

Currently, KALA Network has welcomed over 80,000 members and supporters across our social channels. We have partnered with over 30 KOLs that have over 50,000 combined followers of their own.

KALA Social, our platform alpha test site, gained over 85,000 registered users with over 83,000 posts and 62,000 comments.

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