KALA Network

✅ Roadmap

KALA Network platform is developed using the Agile method. We build our product using short cycles of work (sprint) that allow for rapid production and constant revision. With this method, we are able to fully utilize our resources on blockchain development as well as give us breathing room to listen to feedback and make the most meaningful changes for the community and to the KALA Network ecosystem.
KALA is currently in the second phase of a five-phase roadmap. The table below detail our goals for each phase.
✅ Phase 1: Q2 - 2022
✅ Phase 2: Q3 - 2022
🚧 Phase 3: Q4 - 2022
📌 Phase 4: Q1 - 2023
📌 Phase 5: Q2 - 2023
✅ Deploy the alpha version of KALA social network.
✅ Invite and partner with KOLs/Social Influencers/Guild Leaders.
✅ BNB/SOL Wallet Support
✅ Release version 1 of KALA social network.
✅ NFT Marketplace (Solana Chain) (Mainnet testing)
✅ PEN NFT (Solana) (Artwork finished, ready to be minted)
✅ KALA Investment DAO Alpha Version (Devnet testing)
🚧 NFT Marketplace (Solana Chain) (mainnet)
🚧 Release version 2 of KALA social network.
📌 DEX: Integrate KyberSwap Liquidity
📌 CEX: Integrate Binance Institution
📌 KALA Investment DAO Beta Version
📌 Release KALA Network mobile app (alpha version)
📌 Release version 3 of KALA social network.
📌 Support BNB - NFT Marketplace
📌 Implement Quest/In-App Gamification System.
📌 Release Referral & Affiliate System
📌 Release Scholarship System