$KLNW is the governance token of KALA Network.

Supply: 1,000,000,000

Earn From

SocialFi Activities

  • Only available to Diamond Level members by owning Unique PEN NFT


  • Staking & incentives from the Pool

  • Donations from Fans, Followers

Used For

SocialFi Activities

  • Unlock reward sky gate for SocialFi activities: speed up earning, get a higher earning cap, higher possibility to get precious PEN…


  • DAO Governance: Voting, Extra Weighted Vote Power, Curation

  • Purchase Premium Services on KALA Network (SocialDrop, Featured Group,..)

Burnt When

SocialFi Activities

  • When used for β€œIncrease reward for SocialFi activities”


  • DAO Governance Voting

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