🌎 SocialFi System

KALA SocialFi system is the combination of our Web3 SocialFi Network, Community DAO, PEN NFT and various tools to help creators and brands engage with their community.

Web3 SocialFi Network

KALA Network SocialFi platform is a complete ecosystem that connects the social world with the financial world. The platform is free to access. KALA Social features:

  • Fair and transparent platform

  • Incentivize "Valuable contribution"

  • Easy Trading

  • Social Mining

Content Creator Economy

Show support or be supported with your content. KALA allows:

  • Donation between users

  • Mint and sell your NFTs directly

  • Premium access to quality content

  • Social Trade

Community Investment DAO

KALA Community DAOs are run by NFTs. Each DAO mints its membership NFTs and users can buy and own to be DAO's privileged members (more than just followers).

Based on their own policy and mechanism, NFTs membership holders can vote and smart contracts will execute ACCORDINGLY to their results and grow to become:

  • Businesses

  • Research & Development Groups

  • Social Projects

  • Trading & Investment Clubs - DAOs

SocialDrop X Learning Hub

KALA offers various tools for partners (brands) to engage with users. With these tools, you can create and organize:

  • Airdrops

  • Challenges

  • Learning Hub

  • User Engagement

  • Marketing Channels


By earning their digital assets, users can directly SWAP and speculate based on DEX DApp.:

  • Swap

  • Exchange

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